On Demand Printing

Why stock a large inventory when you can print shirts as needed?

With TO Shirts you can order very small quantities of shirts, hoodies or other apparel and have them delivered in about a week.

Perfect for gyms, clubs, churches, or any organization where your members want your gear on an ongoing basis.

Order directly from us, or take advantage of one of our sales microsites and have your members order directly from us.  We’ll deliver their product and send you the profit.

Contact us to talk more about this or see an example site.

Want to know more?


(416) 244-2979

Popular Styles

Popular styles this spring include Bella+Canvas polyblend Tees and Tanks, Champion hoodies and sweats, and all manner of polos.  We have access to a full range of products – if you’re looking for something in particular feel free to contact us or browse the online catalog.